Problem - Skritter only asks for the one same word over and over in a list of thousands?

I have mainly been studying a list of the most common 3500 characters, but I’ve noticed that I havent made much progress and I keep seeing the same characters over and over without seeing many new ones.
Today I started studying the hsk 6 list that has thousands of words, but it keeps asking me to write the first word in that list which is 哦, over and over and over again, does not matter how many times I write it correctly, I cant progress to another character.

The above is all using the android app with continuous review mode selecting only the hsk 6 list. When I try studying this list using the web version on my computer, it instead freezes in an endless “refreshing loop” (where you see that spinning loading circle in the top right corner of the writing canvas).

What is going on?

Also, when using the “due cards option” in the app, how about letting us put in a custom number in the “limit number of cards” list? 100 is nothing, it would be much better to simply let us chose ourselves how many we want to review. Today I might want to review 500, tomorrow maybe 800 etc.

I’m able to reproduce the problem, though I don’t know what’s causing it and it looks like there aren’t any errors in the console when you run into this. I’m opening up an issue so the developers can dig into your account and hopefully spot what’s going on!

Thanks man, and some random words to get 20 characters :slight_smile:


Haha. I should probably change that.

Dont know if you are referring to the 20 character limit or the hsk 6 list issue but fixing either sounds good to me :slight_smile:

We’ll dig into the issue tomorrow as a team. I’ll also adjust the form post requirements on Monday!


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I just re-read your post, and I might have a quick answer that doesn’t involve dev exploration. Skritter: Write Chinese app doesn’t have item adding in Due card or Continuous study modes at the moment. If you’re looking to study HSK 6 stuff choose the deck and press the learn button. If you don’t wanna go through all the card types in learning mode just press the “mark as learned” button and the items will be added to your Review queue.

Bulk adding, and some form of OG Skritter item adding will be coming to Skritter: Write Chinese and Skritter: Write Japanese apps in the future, btw. However, for now you’ve gotta use learning mode to get that new vocab into review.

I hope that solves the issue.

More options coming in the future, including time limit vs. card limit. Honestly, card limits are mostly for short-burst sessions. I personally just do All Card studying and stop a session when I’m either done for the day or need to get on with something else.

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Hey DaXia! It looks like the issue is only affecting your account, so I’ve sent you an email since it’s easier for us to track / assign to each other. :slight_smile: