Public Endpoint: v3 API?

Hi there! First off, I really appreciate how responsive you guys are in the forum, and whenever I reach out. It’s clear that you guys stay actively engaged with your user base, and are a feedback-driven team.

I’ve been hearing in forum posts about this “v3 API” that is being used in the new mobile apps. I was wondering if there’s discussion about releasing some sort of new public API (or perhaps just a new feature set) so we can engage with some of the great new functionality that you’ve all built.

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Hey thanks for the kind words. In the future we will consider officially documenting the API for outside use, but as it is still under active development and subject to change, we are not looking to provide public documentation/support at this time.

The v3 API doesn’t return any unique data that the original API doesn’t already provide, its endpoints are just optimized for how the latest versions of our mobile apps consume and interact with the data.

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