Published lists not showing up in search

Hey guys,

I’m wondering if you can help me here. I’ve made three lists with updated TOCFL vocab since you don’t have any official ones (why not?, by the way), but when my boyfriend goes to look them up he can’t find them. We looked on the app, the website and the legacy website. I even added him as an editor to one list and it is not showing up.

Hey, sorry the list isn’t showing up. Can you post a link to your list (or DM if you don’t want it shared)? We do have an official list (, though it could probably use an update/better organization.

So, TOCFL releases different lists for each level of the test, like the HSK. The level 1 has 500 recommended vocab, 2 has 1000, 3 has 2500, 4 has 5000 and 5 and 6 have 8000. I know HSK does have some overlap but it’s not exact and once you get to level 3 and 4 there’s enough of a difference to just want to study the TOCFL lists. The way your software works if you’re just trying to study for Level 3 for example, it would be WAY overkill to use the official list you have from 2013. Using the updating word lists from the TOCFL website I’ve published (and studied) lists for 1, 2, and 3, and I’m working on 4.

Level 1:
Level 2:
Level 3:

Also, my boyfriend did end up finding all three lists but he had to go through tags I added rather than just showing up in the search criteria. So I know they can be found but for some reason only through tags.

Glad you found the list, sorry it was such a hassle. Sharing direct links like that can be another way to share it with other people (if it’s published), but obviously it only works for the website and isn’t the most pleasant experience on mobile.

I looked into our search code a bit, and for some reason, yours doesn’t show up in indexes for TOCFL. Will look into it, but the Skritter list search system has always been a bit inflexible, we hope to improve searchability in the future.

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Thanks :slight_smile: Yeah, I forgot about the links to be honest!