Putting cards from the same word on different days

I’m getting a lot of good out of Skritter and am finally learning to write Chinese. I have one suggestion, though. When a word comes up for review I get the four different cards for that word on the same day. That means that often by the time I get the writing card, I have already seen the character a few times so it isn’t really a good test. Can the different cards for a word be set to show up on different days?


Absolutely right in my opinion. And the effects are long-lasting. Give us a chance to forget.
Even spaced out 5 minutes would be a big improvement already.
Haven’t seen the new beta though, maybe it’s better there?

We’ve improved spacing on the latest beta (3.2.0). Perhaps you could to try out that and let us know if it’s still an issue?

How to become a beta tester: https://blog.skritter.com/2018/06/sign-up-for-the-ios-beta-app/

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I just tried it on 3.2.0 on Android. I had 42 cards and had about 5 words where I got multiple cards.

You could make sure you have advanced grading mode turned on in the study settings which gives you great granularity for reviewing. If you find that writing is harder than say tones, gradually these cards will separate out as you get different scores for each card type. When you learn a new word, all your scores will be quite similar so will show up close to one another, so continued study is the best way to ensure the spaced repetition is doing its job.

Keep trying out 3.2.0 and let us know any feedback you may have.

Ah, so that’s where the difficulty response buttons went! This should be much better in several ways. I’ll see how it goes now.

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