Question about skritters spaced repetition

Lets say i have 3 words. The first one is due to review in 3 days, the second is due in 10 days and the third one is due in 1 month. If i study the words before im due to review them, will i get them in a random order or will i get the first word first, then the second and then the third one.

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When a word is scheduled next depends on how old the word is, your success rate with it, and how you grade that item. Here’s a breakdown of how the scheduling system works in detail (from API documentation):

In your example if you studied these items before they were 100% due, the scheduling would be slightly affected since they aren’t at 100% dueness yet, which means they get scheduled a titch quicker than what they would be scheduled for based on which grade you select, than if they were completely ready. If you study an item when it’s over due, say 200% (or in other words, double the time than it was scheduled for), the scheduling would get affected and space them farther than if you still remember them at 100% due.