Question regarding SRS feedback

Hi there, I’ve been using Skritter to study Japanese for a few days now, and I thoroughly enjoy the app/website!
I have one quick question however. During my studies, whenever I study a word, say '聞く’, say I don’t remember the first part, and I use the ‘forgot’ button, but the 'く’ gives me no problems so I use the ‘got it’ button for this part of the word. How does the system handle this feedback, if at all? Am I supposed to mark both parts of the word as ‘forgot’ in order to make it show up in my reviews more often?

Hi Kairo, glad you’re enjoying the app!

In the mobile app (Skritter: Write Japanese) and the website, it doesn’t matter which character(s) specifically you mark wrong, they are weighted equally. Marking either 聞 or く as wrong in the context of 聞くwill only affect the SRS values for the vocab 聞く. And if you were to mark, say, く as wrong, it doesn’t affect the values of く as an individual kana vocab, or any other vocab in your queue that might also use く (for example, 行く).

An incorrect word-level grade in Skritter is uniform, there’s no such thing as “extra wrong.” So as long as the word grade is past the threshold of being incorrect, it’s simply incorrect. Marking more characters within the word as incorrect won’t affect the scheduling or make the values more extreme.

In longer words, getting one character wrong (like pretend you forgot the ん in こんにちは) can result in a less severe penalty, a “so-so” grade instead of outright “incorrect.” This will be indicated by a yellow color instead of the red one for incorrect. But again, this grade will still only affect the scheduling for that word, not the characters within the word, and each character within it is still given equal weight in terms of its influence on the grade for the overall word.

Ultimately it’s up to you to be honest with yourself and use Skritter to meet your definitions of “correct” and “incorrect.” So you get to decide if you really didn’t get something right. Or if you did. Sometimes you know a character but your hand slipped up or our system just didn’t recognize what you entered for whatever reason. So don’t be afraid to manually mark characters how you feel they should actually be graded, whether that grade is better or worse than what the automatic grading says it is.

If you want a little more insight into the details of our SRS, we’ve got a document written up here:

Happy studies! 頑張って!

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