Queue problem

Hello.I have been using Skritter for 5 years and I have learnt a few thousands characters and words.My problem is that I do not know how to manage my queue daily.My queue is increasing by 1000 every day.If I do not study for 2 days,it can easily jump to 2000 and I need to study 4 hours to clear it.It is difficult and demotivating.How to both learn new words and manage the queue? I am aiming for 95 percent accuracy in settings

Hey, it looks like you have a pretty big queue with lots of words learned. Great studying! However, Skritter generally speaking caps SRS intervals at 1 year. The thought behind that is that if a user doesn’t need to encounter something at least once a year, what is it doing in the SRS queue? We’re in talks to expand that cap to better support users with large queues who just like to keep everything in it, and also introducing the idea of being able to “master” vocabulary. However, I don’t have a timeline for if and/or when these potential changes would make it into the app.

So in the meantime to lighten the load, when reviewing, I’d suggest banning words you know relatively well or that seem below your current level. Or you can just skip past the cards in your review session if you like having everything in your queue. No matter how you cut it, with the number of words you’ve studied (and remember–4 cards per word!), you’re going to have a somewhat consistently large queue, though a thousand cards/day should be abnormal.

Alternatively, if banning doesn’t seem like a good fit because you are not confident with a large portion of the words in your queue (e.g. coming back after an extended break to a bunch of words you’ve forgotten), you might try a fresh start with an account reset. Then you can start small and re-add only the most relevant vocabulary to your studies. Speaking from personal experience, it’s a bit scary to take the plunge, but I’ve found it ultimately refreshing and helpful to my learning velocity and utility when using the app. The number of words Skritter’s stats say a user “knows” is not a canonical, objective measurement or reflection of what they actually know, and resetting to 0 does not change that!