Quite confused by how Skritter works

I bought a one year subscription of Skritter and I am so confused by how it is supposed to work in Android. (There should be a tutorial on how Skritter works.)

Specifically, I want to do the following in Skritter Android:

-Create many lists
-Choose SOME (or ONE) lists to study

I want the characters to come from only the lists I have selected. I don’t want any characters from other lists. I don’t really care about SRS, I want control. When I want to change lists to study, I want to do it manually. And when I change lists, I don’t want characters from the old lists that I have deselected to appear. This seems very simple.

Right now I can ‘add’ a list and I don’t know what that means. Many characters from lists I do not ‘add’ from also appear when I study.

Hey there!

Are you using the beta? If not, I recommend upgrading by visiting the Play Store page for Skritter from your device, and then by tapping the button in the beta participation area.

You can create as many lists as you’d like! You can do this by going into the Lists area in the app (by tapping the left upper hand menu) and then navigating to Lists, then Create new list. You can also create them on the web as well, which might be easier if you’re adding a lot of words at a time since you’d have a keyboard.

You can study just one list (or a group of lists you choose) by using the Filters area in the Quick Settings from the study screen. You can open the Quick Settings menu by tapping the settings gear icon at the top of the study screen. Alternatively if you want to study just one list, you can go into the list itself (by tapping on it’s name, either from the dashboard or from the Lists area), and then tap the button “Study list”.

We do have a collection of docs at docs.skritter.com, though they’re currently being reworked especially for the mobile apps and it’s not quite ready yet.

Which characters are popping up that aren’t in any of your lists? I’ll see if I can spot where they are coming from.

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