Radical list *by name*

Currently there’s a radical list, where their pronunciation seems to be listed by what sounds they can contribute to the character that contains them.

However, I’m far more interested in a list that maps radicals to their names, e.g.,

  • 丶 → てん
  • 亠 → なべぶた・けいさんかんむり

and such.

Unfortunately, these “words” don’t exist in the database, and they often overlap with other words (e.g., if I wanted an entry like “人 ひと person radical”, it’s impossible to add because of there already being a “人 ひと” entry with a different definition).

I made a couple of them, but I’ve decided to hold back and ask what the official opinion on how to do this is before I add 270 (minus num of conflicts) disagreeable entries to the word database.