Re-setting my words to be studied

Hi, I have not been able to study for a couple of weeks I now that I’m back I don’t want or even have the time to wade through the 884 words which need to be studied before I can start learning from my new word list. Is it possible to re-set my ‘due’ words to 0 so that I can get on with studying my new list.

thanks for any tips/advice on this.

You can reset your study progress, sure! Here’s a link:

But surely it must be more useful to only study the new list without deleting the old ones. (Especially if the goal is to reset only the due list, not everything.) I have done this on an iphone and it is an option on the website but it seems that the android app lacks this feature. Anyway, if you are using android the best way is probably to access the website from the phone or tablet browser, open the lists tab and look for the “study” link next to the name of the list you want to study. (If I remember correctly, selecting only some lists was part of the advanced options in the ios app.)

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