Reading only for traditional

I’m currently learning Simplified Chinese, but it occurs to me that it wouldn’t be that much more work to learn Traditional at the same time. However, I don’t see much need to learn to write Traditional, and that seems like a lot more work. Is there a way to turn off writing exercises for Traditional only?

(Same question as Skritter | Learning traditional Chinese characters - reading only)

This is a cool feature and a valid use case, but unfortunately not something we can support right now.

Well, consider it a feature request then. Is there a workaround? I’m not sure what happens if I simply skip the traditional writing exercises.

On that note, could you make the distinction between simplified and traditional more clear when “both” is turned on? I kept trying to write the Simplified version of “men” and getting it wrong, before I noticed the grey “TRAD” text.

This doesn’t answer your question, but if you’re mostly after the ability to recognise traditional characters, you don’t necessarily have to use Skritter (or any other app for that matter). Just reading is probably a better approach and also comes with many other benefits (the general benefits of reading). This works better when going in the other direction (traditional to learning to read simplified), but it works in this direction too. Of course, you might not encounter all characters that are different from reading random texts, but reading in general will make sure you can read texts written with traditional characters, which I assume is the goal here!

You could set your character style to “both” and just skip past traditional cards for other parts, but it’s clunky and there will be lots of reviews. It’s certainly a pain point in our functionality that we don’t really have a graceful answer to at the moment.

We’re working on a redesign, so I’ll pass along your feedback about the simp/trad indicator!