Reading practice and batch word lookup webapp

I bought the Breaking Into Japanese Literature and Read Real Japanese books and I really like their format: right next to each paragraph of Japanese text, they contain a dictionary with all the vocabulary from that paragraph. Almost like a Rikaichan for printed text. :slight_smile:

I wanted to have something similar for any random text like blog posts, song lyrics, etc. so I’ve put together a webapp in JS that can generate similar reading practice sheets from any given text. It basically takes a text, assembles a dictionary from its words (which can be customized, even via word lists exported from Legacy Skritter) and outputs an HTML file that can be used printed or on screen to practice reading with a readily available dictionary. (It can also export the dictionary into an Excel-compatible format for later use, e.g. feeding unfamiliar words into Skritter word lists.)

I’m sharing it because I think that it might be useful for some people (given that they use Firefox or Chrome :slight_smile:).

Here’s the app: yomikata and here’s a sample output.

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