Recent Issue with Web App (mobile) not loading?



Since yesterday morning I’ve not been able to load the mobile website - it’s permanently stuck in “loading application”. It works however, when I switch to “Desktop” view on my phone, i.e. deliberately tell the browser not to use the mobile site.

  • restarted phone
  • emptied all caches, etc.
  • using Opera on Android, but problem also occurs on Chrome.

I’ve been relying more heavily on the web app since adding new characters in the native app requires me to re-download all data constantly - so this is now especially annoying…

Is anybody else experiencing this?



Yes, I also have this issue. I use Chrome and Firefox on Android and the problem exists in both browsers. Please help!


I have the same issue. its kinda annoying.


This should be working now. Thanks for the heads up everyone!

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