Recent price changes

Over two years ago I bought a two year subscription to Skritter. At the time you got a slight discount compared to the one year subscription. I recently decided to renew but then changed my mind after i noticed that the two year subscription is £179.99 but the one year subscription is £79.99. It seems that Skritter no longer wants people to sign up for longer deals and actually punishes those who want to sign up for longer. Is this a bug or is it Skritter’s policy to charge more for longer memberships?

Please don’t even mention the idea that they charge that much more because the two-year purchase is classed as a one-off purchase; it is easy to make the one-year purchase option a one time purchase too if you aren’t computer illiterate and know how to operate iTunes or your own internet banking.

That can’t be right. A two year subscription is 180 dollars. That said, the pound has been falling and I suppose the exchange rate will be worse than 2 years ago. I think when I got the 2 year deal it was around 100-120 pounds? Not sure about now.

Also, if you’re paying through iOS, prices were raised recently because of the falling pound. Purchases that were 79 pence before are now 99 pence. That might be a factor…

I paid £120 too about two years ago for the two year option and was planning on doing that again, but i definitely won’t be doing it now that it is £179.99 and the 12 month option is £79.99. In fact, it has just encouraged me to look at alternatives instead.

It’s still showing 180 dollars for me.

I don’t know if the forum policy allows to give direct links, but I would be very curious to know what are the mentioned alternatives.

On 17 January 2017, Apple announced that the prices of iOS apps on its App Store would go up. Apps that cost 99 cents in the US, and which previously cost 79p in the UK, will cost 99p when the price rises take effect in approximately a week. That’s a rise of more than 25 percent.

Skritter subscription prices are still the same through the web version, though! Unfortunately we can’t control how Apple handles these sort of things.

Wow, so through the app the price is the same in dollars as it is pounds? That’s crazy. The exchange rate is currently 80 pence to the dollar, which means that purchasing through the site would be £145

Could be a tax thing but still…

Another thing you can keep in mind ist that AFAIK both Google and Apple take a 30% cut from all in app purchases, so purchasing directly from the skritter website has the added benefit of skritter getting more money.

Despite the 2-3% non sterling transaction fee I’ll probably get, it will still be cheaper than the Apple App Store and if Skritter gets more of a share then it will be worth it I suppose.

I guess the increase from £120 to £145 was to be expected considering the the whole idiotic Brexit vote and 18% drop in sterling.

Just to confirm, if I purchase through the website, will my account on my iPad be automatically reactivated?

Yes, of course! The same account can be used on any version of Skritter, so as long as you’re logged in to the same account on the iPad as the web, everything will automatically sync.

Just had the chance to look at the pricing within the app and it is rather odd.

£10.99/ month
£44.99/ half a year
£79.99/ year
£179.99/ two years

It can’t just be a problem with exchange rates.

Hmm. Subscription prices are set in USD, and then Apple determines what the prices are for other currencies, based on the USD price. Here’s an article discussing the recent price changes Apple has made for the UK:

But do those prices reflect an even 25% increase? It would seem that something has gone wrong. An even increase would not make the 2 year plan such a bad investment over the 1 year plan.

Hmm, good point. I’ll contact Apple and see what’s up.