Recent Touch Screen Issues

I have used Skritter for a couple of years now, with my Microsoft Surface 4. I just draw the characters with the touch screen, using a finger. Up until December, I was able to use the Chrome browser. It stopped working for Chrome, and the suggestions I received from support seemed quite dated, e.g. referring to a setting in chrome://flags/#touch-events that doesn’t exist.

Anyways neither that nor suggested the browser extension (should I really have to install a browser extension and manually create some script? I’m not a web developer) worked. I tried Microsoft Edge, Skritter didn’t work there. Luckily, it worked on Mozilla.

Now, my Mozilla updated to 72.01 I believe. Immediately after the update, it doesn’t work with Skritter.

From looking at the forum, there have issues in the past, but the threads aren’t recent and the solutions I have seen have 1) all been for Chrome 2) haven’t worked for me.

Does anybody have any further advice for Chrome, Edge, or Mozilla? This website is currently unusable for me, and it’s really helped me in the past.

Hi there! Is this guide helpful?

(You could skip to the last part since you said the touch events API option isn’t available)

No, I referenced this guide in my most. The first option involving chrome://flags/#touch-events is out dated (the option doesn’t exist), and the second didn’t work for me. I also feel that having users install a browser extension and manually create a script should not be required to use the site. But regardless, it didn’t work for me.

Also like I said, that guide only involves Chrome. The only browser to recently work with Skritter, for me, was Mozilla, and it only stopped working after a recent update.

Ok, I can make Skritter work with Mozilla again. What works for me is following this stack overflow answer

so you

  1. enter about:config into the browser
  2. search for dom.w3c_touch_events.legacy_apis.enabled
  3. enable it

So I guess skritter is using an old api that is somewhat deprecated.

I just pushed a website update live that should fix the issue. In my testing, I was able to use both pen and touch input on my Surface on Chrome 80, Firefox 74 and 75, and Edge 44.1x and 80.


Great, I can confirm the default settings for the Chrome and Firefox browsers work for me as well now.

Thanks for the fix!


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