Regularily getting database async error on phone app

It happens quite often when I switch from the PC to the phone to continue reviewing that the app then tells me that something went wrong and that it has to reload all the data from the server (when i say often, i mean often. This has happened daily for about 2 weeks now). This is really annoying as it takes far too long and happens far to often. Please consider doing the following:
failing gracefully: find what went wrong and only discard the corrupted data. this is especially important as there are occasions where one does not have internet and because of this problem the app is useless as an offline companion.
only redownload the data that was corrupted, if possible even in the background.


I’ve seen a similar issue when swapping between my iPhone and iPad.

We just released patch version 3.4.5 on Friday for Android and iOS which addresses several sync issues including the “something went wrong” error when reviewing. We are also still doing a bit more digging to see if we can smooth it out even more and will release a patch with those fixes later this week. If you’re not running the latest version try upgrading and after upgrading if you’re still seeing the issue then let us know.


I am not sure if this bug was fixed or just hidden from the user.

While in previous versions of skritter you had this bug that happened once or twice a day, now, however, on the new version whenever you want to start a review you have to wait for about 20 seconds until the button becomes clickable. every damn time

even worse the new version introduced a new bug: as soon as you open another app for 1 second in 95% of the cases, skritter forgets its state, this means every time i have to wait 20 seconds for the app too open, 20 seconds for the app to sync, and 20 seconds for it to load the revision selection i clicked before i can start my review. then i do about 15 items until I get a message from a friend, answer on it on accident and damn i can wait again for 60 seconds.

i do not know why this happens, but as it does not happen 100% of the time, i suspect that you might have a memory leak and the skritter app takes so much memory that android just has to through it out if any other even lightweight app is started.

besides that you really need to work on the speed of your app. i do not know any app i use with a startup speed that slow. and it is not like it cannot be done better: you might know wanikani, they do not have an app themselves, but there is a third party app called Flaming Durtles: it is free, made in someones freetime, AND its blazing fast. you never have cache problems and all syncing is done in the background.

As i am paying, to say this respectfully, quite a lot of money for skritter I should be able to expect at least if not a better experience than what a free app offers me.

We are looking at ways of handling this more elegantly, but the reason it works this way for now is that we want to make sure things are more 100% in sync with the server as we noticed many sync issues were related to things be outdated. This mainly happens when switching between devices.

We are planning to focus on improving load performance in the near future, especially for devices that are more than a few years old. What kind of device are you using? What version of Android or iOS is it running? This information helps us better diagnose the issue you’re experiencing as we don’t always experience the same issues on our test devices.

We’ll definitely plan on continuing to improve the overall app performance. If we could start again we’d have designed things very differently both on the server and client levels, but the reality is Skritter was initially conceived back in 2008 as a website built by students using the technology of the time. While that’s not a great excuse we have been trying our best to gradually move things forward while not breaking the website or mobile apps. It has been be quite challenging given some of the unnecessary complexity of some of the legacy code under the hood.

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xiaomi mi a2 lite, android 10

i hope you will be able to overcome to burden of a legacy codebase.

Also i understand that this then just was a quick fix to the async error, but i think this is the wrong approach. now i does not matter even if you use multiple devices or not, everyone has to wait

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