Removing lists - effects on current progress and other lists


Studying RTK1, after noticing that I’ve mistakenly added the older version of the RTK 1 list, I’ve added the newer version as well (6th edition). When adding new words, Skritter would scan through the new list and subsequently add the missing kanji. Now I’m at a state where both lists show the same progress.

My question: what effect does removing the older list from my study lists have on the newer list -containing all the kanji of the older list? Can I remove that list without issue, or will it affect my saved progress?

Another question: If I remove a list (a different one from the above mentioned), will its progress be lost when I re-add it at a later date? Currently I’m only studying a subset of my lists (RTK) and thus always have to select “Custom study”, so I wonder if I can remove the other lists and add back later without loss.


If you remove a list which all the words are the same as another one of your lists you are studying, it will not affect the progress of those words. If you delete a list which contains words that are only in that list, it would delete the words until they are later re-added. Any words that are re-added from a list that were once deleted will resume the progress.

Maybe it would be helpful to make a small comic like google did when they first showed off Chrome and tried explaining how it was different from the other browsers.