Request feature: Converting Japanese lists to Chinese and vice versa

I know many people want to go from one language to another after a certain point.

I’m currently studying Japanese at a relatively advanced level but want to start on Chinese. Given the large shared Sino-Japanese vocabulary I really want to such the kanji I have in my now quite extensive lists with Chinese readings.

I might be able roll my own tool to filter lists in text form, and then use the import feature to do this, but it would be absolutely GREAT if it were a built in feature. It would create a very good bridge for going from one language to another!

Do you mean the translational equivalent, or the direct word entries themselves for kanji only words if they happen to overlap?

I mean the direct word entries when they overlap. For instance, 思想史、歴史、制裁.
For verbs, taking the kunyomi verb compound, extracting the kanji and returning the Chinese reading equivalent would be best.