Reset progress without deleting lists?

After being inactive for quite some time I want to start studying again, but am overwhelmed by the amount of vocal in the queue. I want to reset my progress and start anew. However, I don’t have an active subscription and the only advice I found trawling the forum was to “nuke” my account/ reset all my data or delete and re-add lists. Is there a way to delete the progress of a list without outright deleting it though?

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I don’t know the answer to your question but if I were you I wouldn’t nuke anything but rather go through the lists one at a time starting with the easiest one. I assume that you remember some of the items and getting them right means that you can focus on the things you have forgotten. If you reset your progress skritter will behave as if you’ve never seen any of your vocab before.

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There’s unfortunately not a way to delete progress for just one list (yet!), so you would need to reset the progress for your entire account. If you’ve been away for awhile, this really isn’t too much of a big deal and is recommended. Anything you know well can be marked as “too easy” (or alternatively banned) so you only see words you don’t remember as well. Using “too easy” is a good way to bump things much father in the future than the standard “got it” button so.

You could go through a single list at a time (by single studying it) as @Procellis suggested, however this will only show you words that are due in the list and won’t show you words that aren’t due for review yet. Depending on how long you’ve been away, it still might be a good idea to reset your progress since it would skew the scheduling system if the items are very overdue for review.