Resetting of review counter does not work

Hi, I did not study for half a year and now my counter stands above 8000, which is quite frustrating to bring down to zero as I used to. I tried to reset my account through the homepage as I could not find the function on my iphone. Apparently in the browser it is now reset, but on my phone it still shows the 8000, also after restarting, syncing etc.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Many thanks!

Side question: I guess through resetting Skritter also “forgets” which words I struggled with a lot and which ones were easy to me? Is there a way to just reset the counter and not also this info on how often it is repeated?

Thanks again, Tobi

One more thing, I have tried both the skritter 2.0 and then the skritter 1.0 to reset all data, but the counter on my phone is still not resetted.

The easiest thing is to delete the iPhone app, redownload it from the App Store, and then sign in. It’ll resynch from the main account and everything will be the freshest.

There’s a setting in the phone app that says “clear local data” (under Settings and then Account, at the bottom), but I found it didn’t always get the right stuff…deleting the app always worked.