Resultative Complements

Does anyone have an exhaustive listing of resultative complements with a lot of example sentences perhaps words that are ranked based on frequency? I sort of want to cut these out and study them alone. For example the numerous 起 and 上 word combinations. I’m struggling to find a good list.

There’s the website below - but I don’t know when a certain charachter is just being used idomatically and when it is a pure resultative complement and I’m trying to tease the frequent ones out so that I can get a good feel of how to distinguish between say between 到 and 上 when used as resultative complements. Thank you!

A listing might be sufficient I can look up sentences later

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Thanks a lot for pointing there. It is obviously a good resource, I never thought to type in that browser that way, looks really good. I think that should be the best way to go about going through these out of the many ways you can approach. Maybe they will still be confusing afterwards :frowning: - but hopefully this clarifies enough!

That being said - still open to other suggestions. I feel this grammar point, as well as the de construction are two critical ones to have a thorough process for. This is probably hard to beat admittedly as a resource would go though.

Thanks for taking the time.

You are welcome. I did merely type" resultative complement" in the search box of the Chinese Grammar Wiki. I did not look at the individual results, but based on my experience with the Wiki I think you will not be disappointed. Should be lots of good examples sentences and annotations of points to watch for and clarifications. I don’t think you will find a frequency ranking, so maybe somebody else can help here. If you end up creating Skritter lists for the topic of “most common resultative complements” (with example sentences! :wink:) please consider publishing it.


Just wanted to come full circle with. The two best resources to get started in my opinion:

Stage the example sentences in excel with the english shown and the chinese in BLACK starting with the first link. The second link - do the same. Including the ones identified as “idiomatic” under “Other Meanings” in the 2nd link.

These are what I identified as the best “beginner starter phrases” will probably load up around 100 of these in excel and just space rep speak them. I can’t think of a better way to start with mastering these.

I just came across the MOOC for 终极汉语语法 from edX / PekingX.
Weeks 5 and 6 of the course are both all about resultative complements.