Retention rate for definitions only

@Skritter team - what is the average retention rate for definitions only? And what is regarded as ‘good’? Thanks

@Xiaomai I don’t think we’ve ever run those numbers before. I would speculate that definition retention rate is the lowest of the four prompt types on Skritter, especially if people are encountering these items on Skritter for the first time. I’d be curious what your retention rate is for these prompts.

If anyone else wants to share their retention rate that would be nice to see as well.

I would have thought it would be writing that is the lowest or it at least it would be for me. Definitions for me is 90% but I am just getting back into things and so I reckon it will level at around 93%. Definitions is essentially reading IMO. Be interesting to hear others like you said… Cheers

I study Japanese, but here are my retention rates if it’s useful!

Character writings - 91.5%
Word writings - 84.1%
Word/Sentence Definitions - 91.5%
Word/Sentence Readings - 89.2%

Interesting point, my definition retention rate is a lot lower (85%! :disappointed:) than the rest - I wonder why? I suppose part of the reason might be that I often let a big backlog pile up, and it’s much easier to deduce the pinyin from a character you’ve forgotten than define it but I’d expect writing to be lower.

Edit/digression: wow, okay, so although my character retention rate is ok, my word writing retention rate is shocking at only 75%! I’m aware I’m pretty harsh on stuff like marking synonyms wrong if I don’t think of the one in question, but surprised to see it that low…

Not at all… My writing has been in the 60s…i now study definition only as I have limited time and just want to read not speak or write at present…weird i know!