Revamping those daily history blurbs?

I can’t find the thread in the old forum, but someone in the past has asked about coming up with more entertaining “daily history blurbs” (which shows up on the home page of the desktop version).

For example, the one today is:

February 9, 1796: Chinese emperor Qianlong abdicates after 60 years on the throne.

Which is kind of dry…

Any plans to revamp those blurbs? Maybe crowdsource it? Or simply scrap it all, and replace it with some Chinese proverbs, famous quotes or motivational sayings?

The Skritter site is currently getting a complete overhaul and I suspect the designers working on the site will tend to agree with your views. I don’t want to provide too many details on the project just yet, but there will be lots of changes happening in the coming months.

Expect the dashboard, home screen, whatever you want to call it, to look very different (and more relevant to the goal of learning to read and write characters) in the near future!


Thanks! I’m very much looking forward to the revamp, it sounds exciting! :smile:

We’re looking forward to it as well. Expect some spoilers soon, or check this Twitter post for a sneak peak of the new study page design) :smile:

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Looks great! Will it be possible to have custom backgrounds? Not always that excited about digital skeuomorphs.

Would love being able to hide mnemonics, always stressed that they will put me off track, etc. Find them to be counterproductive in my experience.

Agree that the wood grain/paper/metal backgrounds are a bit unnecessary… in fact initially quite off putting in the iOS app. I prefer the plain blue/white of the web site. It’s hard to look slick and timeless with a textured background. But aside from personal preference, more importantly, pick something and stick with it… One thing nobody likes is a website that constantly changes it’s look to current trends (I’m looking at you !)