Reversion of update

Hi Jeremy,

Considering the fact that the forced 2.0 update is unstable to the extent that the app can’t even be used anymore by some of us, can we safely assume the update will be reversed in the next few days?

I know it’s weekend, but communication seems to be lacking the last dozens of hours and many of us are having huge issues. I don’t think this forced update was a smart move, especially not considering the fact that you’re using a subscription model that is far from cheap, but we’re human and mistakes are made.

However, this update needs to be reversed as quickly as possible. I for one can’t do anything at this moment.


The previous version will be available in the Play Store in the next 12-24 hours, that’s the plan!

In the meantime if you would like to use the older version right away, you can uninstall the newest version and then download the old APK here:

This wasn’t a smart move, we’re really sorry. Would you be able to unsubscribe from your subscription on iTunes and let me know (so I can extend your subscription time)? I know that’s not a solution, but I’d like to add time to your account and anyone else who’s been negatively affected by the update.


It’s okay - thank you for the offer. Mistakes are made. That’s okay, as long as we learn from it. Most important lesson I think is that when shit hits the fan, there should at least be communication. I believe that was the biggest problem of all.

Thank you for your reply!