Revert to old Skitter version 2.35

Hi, I’m part of the beta testing and while I wish I could stay and help report bugs, I’m finding it near impossible to study at the rate that I need to. How do I go back to the Skitter version 2.35? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app on my android but it automatically installs the beta.

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You should be able to revert back to the non beta version by going to the Play Store page for Skritter (from your Android device), and then by scrolling down to the bottom of the screen. There should be a button there that will let you leave the beta.

Once that’s done, you could delete/reinstall the app to revert back.

Are there any particular reasons you aren’t able to study at the same rate on the beta versus the non-beta version?

Hi Jeremy, thank you for the info!

I’m wanting to study 300 - 500 screens (?) a day, but I’m finding when I finish the review, I have to manually add new words, the new words don’t allow me to actually draw the strokes, and it often gets stuck in a loop between two or three screens. I end up spending more time trying to troubleshoot (closing the app, reinstalling, etc) than actually studying. I really hope you can fix these problems so that I can use the beta again because I really like the other aspects of it!

Skritter 2.3.5 is also a Beta client, so if you go through the unenrolling process in the Google Play store, you’re going to end up with the “official” client which is probably not what you want, either. Given that it hasn’t had much active development in probably the last couple of years, you may not even recognize it.

Somewhere here in the forums is a post with download links for older Beta versions. You’ll have to download one of those and manually install it, and then make sure you have your app settings such that you don’t get automatic updates. I just went through all this about a month ago. It’s a bit of extra work but v 2.3.5 seems to be pretty stable, and afaik still has the most functionality. If you’re studying hundreds of screens per day, I’d say it’s your best option. The manual installation process isn’t as easy as getting it automatically from Google, but there are plenty of tutorials on the web that’ll step you through it if you’ve never done it before.

If you’re wanting to manually install an older .apk, you can hop on: