Review In a Year?

Happy to be returning to Skritter after several years hiatus (and starting from scratch). I’m mainly using the website, but will also be working with the mobile version once I get some of these kinks worked out. I’m having an issue with cards recurring way too often while some aren’t coming up for review almost ever. I understand there’s an algorithm at work here, but on my All Words list the first several are all due to come up again within the next few days, while about 80% aren’t due to be seen again in a year. Some of the latter are words I just learned and have only practiced once, while many of the ones due to come up within the next week are words I’ve already practiced ad nauseum. Indicating “too easy” on those seems to do nothing.
Has my seven-year absence thrown off the algorithm? Is there anything I can do to correct this?

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If you are really starting anew, you can’t use the “old” SRS data.

You should do a full data reset of your progress, which will jettison all old “state data” and get rid of any previous known characters and their SRS history. (your All Words will be completely empty)

You’ll have to then relearn all the words, but you will not have anything set a few years out (unless you mark it “easy” a few times)


Definitely the right call. Thanks for your help!

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Just a welcome and an encouragement from someone who also had a very long hiatus, and went from losing the vast majority of my Chinese to completely regaining it and much more over the last few years, thanks in large part to Skritter and some time spent in immersion.

Power to you!


Right back at you, and thanks for the encouragement! Looking forward to regaining what I lost!

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