Review Intervals for Words Just Added Already a Week?

I’m using the beta version of the app to study Chinese. I just added some words, but their scheduled next review is already 6-8 days away. I literally just added them a few hours ago. I need to study these words, why is the initial review interval so long?

I “added” the words to my review pool initially by using the “learn” function after clicking on the deck in the beta version of the app. Is that the way I’m supposed to do it? I was confused because in the older version of the app I could simply click “add” from the study screen, which was much simpler and much better.

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The learn button inside of a deck is essentially the manual word adding button from before and behaves the same way (adding a word to the SRS), however is more guided and will go through a learning mode before it adds the word / character to the queue. It helps learners who aren’t already familiar with characters since it guides stroke by stroke and doesn’t immediately quiz when you first add something, which was coming up a lot before. The original system was more tailored to intermediate+ learners since there weren’t any guides and just threw things at you. We’ve talked about adding in a mode to just add the word into the queue without going through the learning mode so it would work the same way as manual word adding before. I prefer that way as well!

I’m not sure about why words were scheduled a week out when you had just added them and only graded them as correct once. Would you be able to let me know which words they were if you recall so we could take a closer look?

Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately I already reset my data to try and fix the problem (not a big deal, I had only added like 40 words). Here’s what I think the problem is: after using the “learn” function, a words is added to the review pool, right? So when I finish “learning” and go back to studying in the review pool, I usually get that word correctly on the first try, because I literally just saw it through the “learn” screen. But because the review pool just sees me getting a word right on the first attempt, it thinks I “know” the word already, so it schedules it a week out.

The only solution I’ve found it to always select “forgot” for a new word, even if I know it, to force the system to avoid automatically classifying it as a “known” word. Does that make sense?

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Perfect sense! It sounds like we’ll need to adjust the interval for the scheduling of brand new items since if reviewing right after adding the word via the learn mode, it’ll of course influence the grade (and a week is far).