Reviews coming back immediately

Whenever I get a card wrong, Skritter puts it at the front of the queue the next time I start a new review session. Sometimes this is okay, but it was never like that before. I thought characters that had been studied a lot would only come back in a week or so, because that single reminder would suffice… and ideally I wouldn’t make that mistake again. Skritter currently seems to be pushing every card like it’s completely new. Is this by design?

I’ve noticed this as well, though I don’t know if it is new.

I really like this behavior. Seeing that I got it wrong isn’t enough for me to get it right the next time if next time is going to be far in the future. Practically speaking, I’ve just demonstrated that I don’t know something. I want to both reinforce the correction and verify that I’ve fixed my brain before waiting too long.


On the legacy app - which I still insist on using, because so many of its most essential features are still not present in the new app - cards that you have gotten wrong during a review session reappear within that same review session, not just when you open the next review session.

Is that not the case with the new app?

And on the legacy app, if you continue to get the card wrong, it will return repeatedly within the same session until you start getting it right.

The reappearance of cards you have gotten incorrect then becomes more and more infrequent the more often you get it correct.

Are these behaviours also missing from the new app?

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The new app definitely defers re-testing missed material until a subsequent review session, though you can start that session immediately. I rather like this approach.

The legacy app on Android is a bit older (2.1.2). I don’t think it has either behavior, so this is a huge delighter for me.

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Cards that were marked incorrect on the new app will resurface at the beginning of the next review session. They’ll keep coming back as long as they continue to be marked incorrect!

this behavior is good! i think it should be included in the new app

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Does that mean in the new app that if you get a card incorrect today, you won’t see it again until tomorrow?!?

That makes no sense. Obviously if you got it wrong you need to practice it again the same day.

That’s what the legacy app does: getting it wrong means you will see it again after a certain number of other cards, and again and again after that if you keep getting it wrong, within the same review session.

If you’re not doing that in the new app, then I just don’t understand, with this and so many other features of the legacy app, why you have thrown the baby out with the bath water.

I think you would prefer the behaviour that the legacy app has for the iPhone: repeated, spaced out reviews on the same day (in the same review session) that you get it wrong, until you have shown that you can get it right.

No waiting for tomorrow for it to show up again (in what universe does that makes sense?)

This is by design.

This app is more aggressive on handling incorrect cards (similar to other SRS systems). Cards that are marked incorrect appear for review immediately, and will be available for study during the next session (or during the session with Continuous mode enabled). These cards are not like completely new cards, though. Due date will grow faster than a brand new card assuming that your success rate isn’t too low!

e.g. If you have 100 cards to review and get five wrong, when you return to the main screen the review button will say you have 5 to review. If you only reviewed 50 of those 100 and still got 5 wrong, then you will have 55 to review, where the first 5 are the ones you got wrong. And if you keep getting them wrong, they keep showing up, right away.

What happens beyond that, I don’t know. I haven’t used the new app enough to draw more elaborate conclusions about its scheduling behavior.

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Oh, thanks for the explanation.

That’s disappointing. In the legacy app, the algorithm takes care of a card’s reappearance - after a few more cards, in ten minutes, in twenty, in an hour, or whatever, and so on. You don’t have to think about it or do anything, it just shows up amongst all the other cards you’re reviewing,

There’s no need to restart the review.

Cards marked incorrect will be due again the next day because you’ve gotten them incorrect. If you get them correct it’ll start spacing things out into the future. Things will get spaced out quickly if you have a high success rate previously. New cards (things you just started learning) will be due sooner (relative to higher success cards) to give you more reps. I should note that this is assuming that you’re grading things as “got it” and not “easy,” which will move things further into the future if you mark them as such.

The Continuous study mode does the exact same thing on 3.3.5. Sessions don’t restart, and incorrect cards will reappear as you’re studying. You just do your thing, and the SRS system will keep feeding you things, even if you’re overstudying them, which is why we’ve made it an advanced setting and not the default.

The Due Only review mode is so you can set a target of clearing your study queue, or a sub-set of due cards, for the day (either globally, or on the deck level). At the end of your review session, the things you got incorrect will be due again so you can take another stab at them, and (hopefully) get them correct, and feel damn good when you’re done for the day because you have at least gotten everything in your queue correct! Of course, if you continue to get things wrong, they’ll keep being due until you get them correct at least once.


Thanks, good to know. Having both modes of study is an excellent improvement

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i like the new update! the new ui looks great! i tested the continuous reviews feature and it works great! the wrong cards keep coming up until i get them right. now the sentence filter :smile:


i realised that when i continuous review my list of 5000 words the wrong cards do not come up! when i filter my decks to only have a few words, the wrong cards come up!

With 5000 items due it sounds like the things due are more due than incorrect cards. How long did you study for before moving to deck level review?

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