Reviews not appearing on the app

I’m having a lot of problems with the beta app. I added about 50-60 words to the Chinese version of the app, but after studying them one time the scheduled reviews no longer appear on the app. When I log into the website, it says that literally all of those 50-60 items are due, and have been due since about 7-8 minutes after I first studied them: but no reviews have appeared on the app.

Reviews should be scheduled 24 hours out when you first review them on the beta app since there’s a test mode inside of a deck which lets you study words outside of scheduling as many times as you like and doesn’t affect the word’s scheduling. In the meantime on the website though, they’re still treated as they were before and will show up for review if you added them on the beta app and reviewed them-- the beta app is fetching the reviews the next day. We’re also working on an endless study mode (like how it would work on the web version or older mobile apps) in something we’re calling “Skritter Labs”.

So on the beta app a review item will only appear once each day, while in every other form of the app and the web version they have smaller intervals? I get it, but that’s very confusing. Thanks for your help! But my feedback would be to make the beta app review intervals function the same way they do on the website: it’s confusing to see on the website that a word is due to b reviewed in 8 minutes, and then not see it for 24 hours on the beta app.

For the beta version, what time do each day’s new reviews appear? In the morning? What hour?

I believe the fetch happens at 4AM

@kkind the app will soon have the option to test incorrect cards again at the end of your session, and also continue to test all incorrect cards for the rest of the day. They won’t be due for review again until the next day, but we wanna make sure we give you the ability to keep testing on the stuff you’re having trouble with.

We’ll be doing the same thing for newly learned cards as well.

Stay tuned!