Same marked "Correct" characters being shown over and over

I have just started a trial version of this app and something I am confused by
Why does skitter keep showing me the same character over and over despite I get it write. For example 3 times now it has asked me for the tone for 一?

Also where is the help file for the Android App so I can read on the SRS methodology

I sure these have been askled before but can’t seem to find the questions

I’m not sure why you’re seeing the same item so often (how many characters have you added? maybe there aren’t enough for it to choose from?) but here’s a link to the Skritter Help page, where the question “So how does the spaced repetition scheduling work, exactly?” gives a bit of info on SRS.

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Also see what target retention rate you have on the website version (somewhere in settings) as that basically decides how often the program will have you repeat characters.

hey Catherine / Emanuel,

thanks for your reply

Ok I have tried again today and its just cycling around no question about it. For example I keep gettings asked for the tone for 一。I can’t possible get that wrong :smile:

Emanuel, I have found that setting and changed it to 90% but I can’t see why its asking me for a tone and how to write
一 several times when I got this right every time


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Hmm that’s weird. You said you started a trial version of the app - what do you mean? I’ve never used that myself but maybe if you’re using a trial you won’t have access to full lists of characters to add? How many characters have you added?

Haven’t got any other ideas so will probably have to defer to the Skritter bods who can investigate into your account…

well I just downloaded the app from Google play and added in the Skitter 101 list to have a play

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@JohnnyC thanks for your question. After taking a look at your account, it would appear that 一 is coming up a lot due to the relatively low number of total items in your study queue. These things tend to happen less and less as your study queue grows. The best solution that I can offer you and the moment is to use the plus button on the Android app to manually add some more items to the study queue.

Sorry if you’re unable to find a comprehensive guide to tips and tricks on Android. We’ve got a completely new design and interface that we’re currently working on implementing. After that is live we’ll have a lot more documentation on how everything works. If you ever have any questions please feel free to email and we’ll be happy to help.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your trial and best of luck on your path to character mastery!

@Catherine @Emanuel thanks for your quick replies on this one!


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