Serious sync problem

The iOS app seems not to sync with the database. I was this morning down to 0 items due on the iOS app, the web page however showed around 2600 items due.

After I logged out and again in on the iOS app, the database was re-loaded and now it also shows 2600 plus items due.

I also had started to learn some Japanese recently. So I also have the “write-Japanese” app downloaded onto my iPad. I’m also getting problems, showing “there is already another user with the same name” error code, when trying to update user info or to swap between Chinese and Japanese on the web-page.

Are you able to send a message via a pic on the Beta app - I’m not sure which will get a faster response, that or here.

Also if you go to your settings (help), there is a contact method which they say should get a response in a few hours.

Thanks for your hint, I already sent them now.

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Hi Roland! I’ve spotted your email and am following up with you there.