Servers are being super slow right now 🐌

Hey everyone,

The servers are being super slow right now. Things are saving and syncing as intended but at a snail’s pace at the moment compared to normal. We’re looking into the issue and I’ll update here and on Twitter if I learn anything new.

Thanks for your patience on this!



The issue still persists today, but we’ve got some fresh ideas to try out.

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We’re continuing to monitor the situation, but some of the measures we’ve taken this morning appear to have returned the CPU values to reasonable levels.

Syncs should be much improved!

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Interesting. Never noticed a thing in the last week.

Seems like it’s back to normal. It was really super slow a couple of days ago. I reinstalled the app and syncing my lists took more than half an hour. Now everything’s working again. Thanks for keeping an eye on this!

NP! We did some bulletproofing that’ll hopefully prevent this stuff from happening in the future, or at least alert us earlier when it does occur.

Closing this thread now that things are back to normal!

Issue resolved.