Several little items :)

Hi Skritter team,

having recently used the app for 30 to 90 mins each day, I noticed several small issues:

  1. 文化周: The app gives the wrong pinyin; it should be wēnhuázhōu, but the app shows it as wēnhuázhǒu.

  2. 紧紧的: The app writes out the pinyin as “jǐn-jǐn-de” in the app version and as “jǐnjǐnde” in the web version. The former feels rather awkward since no other words have the “-” in their pinyin.

  3. Likewise the app seems to have some other pinyin issues that the web interface does not suffer from, e.g 北美 is written as “Běi Měi” rather than “běiměi” (latter in web version). The same pinyin akwardness is true for other words such as 北美洲 (“Běi Měizhōu” rather than “běiměizhōu”) or 南美洲 (“Nán Měizhōu” rather than “nánměizhōu”) or 圣诞节 (“Shèngdàn Jié” rather than “shèngdànjié”). It’s definitely no biggie, but somehow the inconsistency between web and app irks me nonetheless (as I am switching between the two).

  4. 面: The app is not consistent with the tone of “面” in positions - sometimes its shows the 4th tone and other times the 5th tone: 前面 qiánmian, 后面 hòumian, 外面 wàimian, 里面 lǐmiàn, 对面 duìmiàn. Having asked several Chinese friends they said that either tone is possible but that a dictionary should be consistent in that regard (either all of them in 4th or all of them in 5th).

  5. I wrote an email on 18th October last year and a follow-up on 16th November that the app does not list the traditional writing of 台南 and 台北 (while a traditional writing of 台湾 is available). As nothing happened since: Could I kindly ask you to have another look at it?

Thanks a lot and kind regards,

Thanks for taking the time to share these corrections! I’ll take a look at them and send you another response once I’ve finished.