Showed wrong hanzi on partial prefilled tone prompt

Here the prompt was for 親近 and 然. 自 was already given.

However the prompt then showed 自 when prompting for 然 as seen in the screenshot.

Indeed it asked for the tone of 然 instead of 自. marking my answer a wrong, while still showing 自

After that it showed the prompt for 然. Now not accepting any answer and skitter is stuck requiring a reload of the page.

Have you noticed this happening with any other entry, and does it consistently happen with this entry?

So far this was an isolated instance and so far it did not occur again.

It did occur again:

It seems like the website isn’t properly skipping spaces in vocab writings. Will confirm and if that is the case, get a patch out for this.

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@sirati This should be fixed and is live now in the latest website.

I got the same in the opposite direction now:

when using arrow keys to go to the next i get it

and i got it again. This time it is showing the last hanzi of the previous word:

important to note that when going back and forth it forgets the answer of the actually prompted hanzi, so the website must still think of these as two different cards just shown together

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