Simpler way to edit word definitions?

I have found that you can edit word definitions etc by going to “words” and searching for the word that you want to edit which is great, but I was wondering if there is any way to just make words editable from the list viewer instead?

I have a list of chinepod words and I want to edit the definitions of all those words. Although doable, its a bit tedious to sit and search for each word separately when I know they all belong to the same list. Im not a web designer and English is not my native language, but wouldn’t it just be a matter of importing the same type of interface that you have in the words viewer to the list viewer? I mean the way you see words in the list viewer right now is kind of non practical since you really cant to anything with it, it might as well just be a huge jpeg of all the words since you cant interact with the anyway.

An even better idea (imho) would be to just get rid of the “words” tab altogether and add a “words” link with its search function to the side menu under the lists tab right under the “study que” link, and make all the words you see while browsing the lists clickable and editable. If you want to make it really awesome you could have a drop down function instead of opening a new window when you click a word in the list for even faster and easier editing.

Just some suggestions.


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Thanks for the suggestions!

Development is mostly focused on mobile apps at the moment since our mobile clients get used way more often (a factor of about 8x), but we’d love to get back to some more frequent website updates and improvements in the future. I completely agree that editing custom definitions on the section view would make this a lot easier.


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Would also like to see a means of editing mnemonics all at once. I create a lot of great mnemonics and would like to be able to add them to a friend’s list of words. But does not seem to be possible now, except one by one as they show up in the mobile app during review.