Skipping a writing prompt?

On the old app, if you tapped a character several times, you could enter a failing grade quickly and essentially skip the character.

There appears to be no way that I’m seeing to do this in the beta.

Sometimes the same character that I don’t know keeps coming up in a session and I effectively want to skip it and move to the next item.

Is there some mechanic to either fail a writing prompt without doing all the strokes or to just skip a character and get a fail?

(I really don’t like needing to enter 10+ strokes just to get to the place where I can skip past a complex character that I’ve arbitrarily decided I don’t want to deal with today.)

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We have an open issue to include a skip gesture or button into the app. It’ll need to go through a bit of internal testing, but we’ll have it out in a beta build as soon as we can.