Skipping the "Learn" function and adding large amounts of words all at once into the review deck

I’ve been studying writing-only cards for the last couple years and currently have ~5000 words in my review deck. However, now I would like to focus on the reading cards instead of the writing cards. Since I am already familiar with the words I will be studying, is there a way to skip the “learn” function and add all of the new reading cards to my review deck all at once, or do I have to manually go through all of my decks and click learned one by one? I am on Android 3.9.2.

To future readers of this post I found a solution:

  1. Go into your main settings and turn on reading cards (I also turned off writing cards, though I’m not sure if that is necessary)
  2. Go into the deck options and “copy” to make a new deck
  3. Tap “Rejuvenate” in the new deck to mark all cards as learned. This will add all new reading cards to your study queue.

If the deck is large the rejuvenate function takes a long time to load doing this, like plug your phone in and walk away kind of long, but it beats doing it manually.

That is a super creative way to do this! As you’ve discovered, we currently don’t have a way to do this in the app, but I’m glad you found a solution!

I hope we can improve things in the future so that it is easier to quickly add different card types for items you’ve already learned and even quiz yourself on card types you’re not reviewing.