Skritter 2.0 Beta is up and we're looking for feedback!


How is Beeminder going to work with this?

As they count minutes spent and don’t even offer the option of items learned.

Is this a way to get the best of both worlds perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also where’s the back button on the study page?
I feel like there should be one to deal with unintentional clicks and other accidental events.

3/4 times I get the same character writing prompt. And the same characters seem to be going around in circles a lot and very noticeably.
Ok, I’ve got asked how to write 十 five times in one minute, time to head back to the old version.
Not sure if this is one of the many features you will eventually implement in the final version, but please bring back the translation and tones on hovering the examples.
They are the best!

Overall it looks a lot better and it feels a lot smoother to use.

Keep it up!


I’m also wondering if minutes spent on the beta site will be capture by Beeminder. FYI, I did get advice from Nick once that its better to quantify inputs than outputs, so that gives me comfort in beeminding minutes spent rather than items I have “learned.”


I haven’t seen any mention of tone colors. Please don’t drop that from the web based version of Skritter. It’s the one thing I miss most when using the iOS app. So far the beta seems to be working okay for me. I’ve only done a few minutes (Chrome, Windows 7) but no problems yet. At first I thought hearing the sound before writing the character was a bug since its usually the other way around when I study, but I guess it’s just the default for now. As for the “streak” (consecutive days studied) I’m pretty sure that will be a motivator for me. My current Beeminder goal is also for daily study.


Just wondering when I might have something usable on android or win8.

On my win8 tablet I’m still getting a dashboard that never finishes loading.
On android I’m constantly having to reload data or even the whole app. (The app on my wife’s tablet at the moment says I don’t have any items due and when I try a data reload it tells me ‘Something went wrong’ and loops into a reload. Experience tells me I can uninstall and reinstall and it’ll be fine for a day or two - depending what study I do on iOS - but I’m a bit sick of that tortuous process.

Some feedback on what the known major issues are - and what their status - or at least priority is- would be really appreciated. GitHub is clearly not being used to manage defects and proposed enhancements so despite about a dozen Skritter communication channels there doesn’t appear to be any way of knowing the status of known issues.


I’ve been getting a blank page for a while now I can’t remember if it started before or after my vacation though.


@podster We’ll address the tone colors issue at some point, but the reasoning for not having them is because they directly conflict with grading colors. There is also no standard of what colors to use for which tones and different resources represent them in different ways. Ideally in the future we’d allow you to customize them and when using tone colors, grading colors would get disabled and vice-versa.

@mikemills We just had an important meeting over the weekend and will now be having two programmers (myself included) completely focusing on getting a stable version of html5 for the web up and running. We have allotted until the end of September to complete the project. Ideally it won’t take that long, but it should give you a basic idea of the time estimate.

@ddapore99 It might be a bug caused by an expiring token that didn’t properly refresh. A quick fix might be to clear the websites local storage. There are probably several tutorials on how to do that hanging around the web.


@Emanuel Yes, the features you’ve mentioned will be returning. I’m not entirely sure how we’re going to handle things with Beeminder at this stage and it’ll likely be something that is revisited as a stable version of html5 for the web is rolled out. In general though goal mode is something that’s going to be made more center stage to help promote more consistent studying in smaller more manageable units. This lines up with the Beeminder ideology so making the two mesh shouldn’t be too difficult.


I’ve been having the same issue and clearing local storage didn’t fix it for me. I can login to but it’s just a blank white page.

Edit - I just disabled uBlock and it loaded instantly. I also noticed that the HTML site is showing me new characters from words I added that haven’t yet appeared on the iOS version. I deleted and re-downloaded the local data on iOS but they still aren’t appearing.


Clearing the cash worked on ios :smiley: but I am waiting :watch: for a reply to my post on my forum password not working :confused: before I try it on my computer.

I’m all good on my computer now as well. :smile_cat:


They fixed it without emailing me back. I’m able to login to the forums regularly again.


A bit of nagging: would be great to get the possibility to choose a single list for studying soon. This would enable me doing my regular studying on the new site.


@kehrichtbesen We’ll try and get that on the new site as soon as we can along with all of the other stuff that’s currently hidden on the study page.


Can’t log on to this morning. Navigates to a completely blank screen. Using Chrome on Windows 7.


@podster: If it’s still blank, you can open up the console in Chrome by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J, and then type app.user.logout() which should fix the issue.


yes, that worked, thanks


Looks good so far but i am missing “raw squigs”


Any news on 2.0 so far? Can’t wait.

Will iOS get hiragana ?



Any progress with this? It’s still unusable for me because it recycles the same items over and over.


@kehrichtbesen Yes, eventually all the clients will have full kana support. The version 2.0 updates to iOS will be rolling out after those to the website and Android.

@Benjamin Hmm, as of about a week ago it should be loading data in a similar fashion to the current Flash website. Can you recall a few characters/words that you’re seeing repeatedly for me? I’ll check what is going on SRS with them directly on your account.


Would you care to take a guess as to when you’ll have the auto display after completion and the click-to-reveal for the mnemonics prompt ready to roll out?