Skritter 3.03 Beta Character position, sound, colors, compare android and old ios


I just wanted to give a short feedback of stuff I noticed between the different Versions of Skritter.

Skritter Android + the new IOS Skritter Beta seem to be painful with character positioning

  • I need to draw almost exactly at the location (on the grid) of the “given” character, otherwise, it will not recognize my strokes

IOS Skritter (original) does a way much better job here, its even possible here to write the whole character in the bottom half of the grid and it will recognize it (I like to draw them smaller, and that position is much more convenient on an 7 inch tablet.
Drawing on an 10 inch android tablet is here impossible for me, as that version will force me to stick to the size and positioning on the grid (like copying style of the given character with 95+% accurency) = feeling like drawing a painting on the streets = tired arms

  • another thing is the missing sound feedback of both, android and ios beta,…I actually feel kind of lost and lonely after using these versions for more than 30 minutes

  • Color theme of Android and Ios Beta is just bad,…white and grey and nothingness = depressing,…we are watching everyday 1 hour + on that screen,…little things like that have a big influence in keeping (or destroying) motivation

the original IOS version looks just much more warm/comforting (timber style in background, the grid has some structure not just plain white etc

It looks like you are trying to copy the Android Version,…instead, you should improve the Android Version first with these 3 major advantages of the original IOS version >>> then copy that to ios beta


  • Once the new IOS Version is public released, will it be possible to -run-install-or keep- both Versions (old IOS app, new IOS app) ??
    (I really would prefer it that way, i do not like that direction Android and IOS Beta are going to)

Thank you and cheers


Thanks for your feedback, you make good points. We’re working on making writing a more smooth experience and updating the UI!

Once the beta is released, the plan may be to allow both versions to be installed.

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