Skritter Beta 300394 feedback

I’m using the 300394 beta on iPadOS.

It would really, really, really be nice to have a way to “check your answer” for Rawest-Squigs mode without needing to tap the button at the bottom. The larger screen on the iPad really makes it a pain to hit this button (and frankly, the grading buttons) if you are trying to use it while sitting with the iPad balanced up against your chest.

There is so much repeated long-distance motion to move from the mid-screen to the very bottom. In Rawest Squigs, you have to do this for every character, and it just feels burdensome.

Got it! (edited) I’ve opened an improvement with some things we can explore to reduce the overall space between canvas and grading buttons on tablets.

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Thank you. It would be interesting to test the Usability of simply moving the grading/checking buttons above the writing canvas instead of below, which would minimally impact the vertical positioning of the writing canvas, but make the buttons much more prominently centered (assuming we stay with tablets in portrait mode for now)

I was using this beta yesterday in a location where my WiFi kept dropping in and out. I got into my reviews and realized I forgot to turn on Rawest Squigs. I didn’t want to exit the review session, so inside the reviews, I turned on the switch using the gear icon. However, every couple reviews, Skritter would “lose” the setting and my writing review would be back in normal mode. When I would check, I’d be out of Rawest mode (it turned itself off). I don’t see this behavior when I have a strong, stable WiFi connection.

Thanks for the heads up on this! As you suspect it sounds like it’s caused by an unstable connection, I’ve left a note for the developers so this can be looked into.