Skritter beta, where is the timer?

I bet most skritterers, like me, have daily goals, and the timer (although not very accurate) has always been the only way of managing this. The thing is I can’t find it in the beta. Maybe I just can’t find it out maybe this function has been overlooked, but it is such an important feature that for me it kind of renders the beta unusable, simply because I’m skrittering blindly without it. Please tell me how to find it or add it asap. Other ways of tracking daily studies are also very welcome, like maybe getting x words right a day or something. I know I rant a lot (it’s my way of trying to make things happen) but this is a really basic and important feature.


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Timer isn’t in the app at the moment, but we’ll get it back in there. We’re working on some updates for all the study cards and standardizing things. Should have plenty of room on the top bar for it to display. And you’re right—Skritter time isn’t perfect, but it’s the best we’ve got at the moment.

I’ll open an improvement task for it on Monday!


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Cool, thanks! And now it’s more than 20 characters :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear this is coming. It is yet another reason I have to continue using the legacy app.

I give myself a minimum goal of 30 “Skritter minutes” (as I call them) a day. As you say @DaXia , this is critical to motivation and momentum.

Just a quick update to this thread. The review timer will be displayed in the app in the next beta (and production) releases, which should be coming out for beta testing sometime next week!


P.S. Here’s how it’ll work. Continuous Review a separate button in the app. The continuous mode will display the study timer (the top bar is very bland without it), while due count review will continue to focus on due cards, not time. We’ll be cleaning up cheers and adding them back into the app in a future version (probably 3.3.7 if I had to guess) to give some more global time indicators for everyone.

After internal testing with the study timer, this is probably the best way to split it without horrible things happening to study time when you’re just focusing on due cards. Reason being, the study time needs to sync with the server (this is how we track progress on multiple clients, it is also how cards get sorted in your queue and keep track of total time spent per card). We can manually calculate some things on the client, but if the server doesn’t sync immediately while you’re studying due cards Skritter time just jumps around and makes no sense. Things go into a global queue, and some syncs can take upwards of a minute to complete if lots of people are studying at the same time. Eventually, it’ll correct, but it is very unpredictable when that’ll happen, and often requires leaving the session, waiting for sync, and then returning to study. Not fun. So… due count for focused study on due cards. Continuous more a more zen (time focused) study session.

Added bonus. This will also allow us to explore new ways to tuning card scheduling in the future, and will be the groundwork for supporting some kind of adding system similar to the website and older mobile clients.


Hi everyone,

We’re rolling out the beta today. 3.3.6 (300334) is out on iOS now, and we’re in the process of updating to v.300335 with some very minor improvements and releasing the beta to both Android and iOS shortly.

Continuous Review will now support the Skritter-time study timer!

happy studying!

Am I understanding something correctly here? Does the syncing process you describe mean I can’t study on the subway anymore, or anywhere where I don’t have a cell data/WiFi connection?

Legacy app study runs smoothly, timer and all, without needing to sync continuously with the server, at least in my experience.

Have I misunderstood?

It just means the server is slow, legacy included. If we made you wait for things to load you could be waiting for a long time at certain times when the server load is high, and unless you understand what is happening the behavior makes no sense on the interface.

The apps are syncing in the background. The old and and new apps do the same thing.

Hi Jake.

So just to clarify, it is possible to do reviews only (without adding new words, which requires syncing) without a WiFi or cell data connection?

You can! Offline support is the best it’s ever been with the new app.

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