Skritter Capabilites - Add only parts of new words

Hey Everyone -

So I’ve completed all HSK lists and a couple of other big lists - 1300 hours on skritter 3000 characters 5100 words. At this point in my learning, I don’t really care about writing new words because the chances I will ever actually have to write them by hand, not 拼音, are extremely low. Here is my question:

Is there a way to add only parts of new words? E.g. say I want to add a new word to my studies. I am only interested in adding definition and tone. Could this be done?

The reason for this is that writing takes the most time to review and possibly lowest use at this point for me.

Thanks in advance.

@WoodenFrogs There are two ways to accomplish this on Skritter. The first would be to disable writing altogether from the Study Settings page.

Alternatively, you can use Advanced Study (on iOS) or Filters (on Android) to temporarily disable writing prompts. This should allow you to only study definition and tone for new prompts that appear in your queue.

Hope that helps!


@SkritterJake: does turning off the parts in the Study settings page apply it retroactively to previously added words? Or just to new words that are added?
I believe you are saying it’s only applying the new settings to newly added words, correct?

@SkritterJake Thanks. My intent is to keep writings up to this point, but only add parts (definition, tone) for new words. Will either of these accomplish this?

Essentially my concerns are the same as @Apomixis here. I don’t want to abandon writing altogether, I just don’t want writing prompts for new words.

Thanks again.

@SkritterJake any comments on this?

@WoodenFrogs Sorry for the delayed reply. I wanted to touch base with devs and do some testing to make sure I was providing correct information. Study Setting changes to the Parts Studying happen on a global level across the entire account, which would not allow you to review writings from previously studied words. Given this information, you’re not going to want to use that setting to accomplish your goal.

I did a bit more digging into our MANY features, and one thing that you could do is control the parts studying on a list level ( by selecting “Change Study Settings” inside a list on the website)

It’s a work around, but if the new items you’re studying exist in these lists, you should be able to accomplish your goal of reviewing the writings of older items, while only getting quizzed on the parts you want for new ones.

Hope that helps and please let me know if you have any more questions!