Skritter Classroom Features?

I’ve just started using Skritter Classroom as a Japanese teacher during the extended trial period, and there are a couple of changes that would make it easier for me to use (and consequently, easier for me to push for my school district to fund an institutional subscription).

  • Is there any plan to make Skritter an LTI-compliant resource? Our district has a paid Learning Management System (Schoology) that makes LTI-compliant practice resources like Edpuzzle very accessible, and makes it possible to assign tasks through an outside resource that update to the gradebook in the LMS site. World Language study resources like Duolingo and Rosetta Stone have this type of feature and it is making them popular as homework/independent study assignment tools in many schools.

  • Is there a way for me to reorder the assignments in Skritter Classroom? They don’t seem to appear in a controllable sequence; they’re not alphabetical, they’re not sequenced by when I added them or when I created the list. What determines the sequence?

Skritter is a fantastic tool, and I really hope that my district will pay to have a subscription for next year!

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We have no plans for this at the moment, sorry!

There’s currently not a way to change the display order of assignments, however this seems like a reasonable feature request! I’ve made note of this :slight_smile:

Regarding what determines the sequence, I’m not entirely sure however a developer would know!

@josh @SkritterMichael?

@Allen-sensei it looks like the assignments don’t have an explicit sort order set, just whatever’s most convenient for the database. I’ve made a note as an improvement to sort assignments from newest to oldest in the classroom client. This (lack of) order only affects the classroom client. Students using the Skritter clients will see their lists/decks ordered based on completion or what they studied last (depending on the client).


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