Skritter Continuous mode VS due mode

Hello there everyone. I started using Skritter about a week ago but there’s something I don’t quite understand yet about the Due mode and Continuous mode. The thing is i’m using continuous mode to ‘practice’ but I don’t want it to mess up my due mode SRS, so the question is: Does using continuous mode change the due mode reviews at all? and if so, how?

Appreciate anyone who knows the answer to this questions and thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Due card and continuous are just two different flavors for how to review cards. A correct review of a card in continuous review mode schedules the review out just like it would in due card mode, so it does affect the cards due for the day. But this should generally be a good thing. Get through the queue of old words and learn more new words!

If you feel like you need more practice with a targeted set of words to remember them well (e.g. you’ve got a test coming up or just want to review recently learned words), test mode is perfect for that.

The main differences between due card and continuous review modes are that 1. a user will see incorrect cards sooner in continuous mode, they don’t need to reach the end of their queue to see incorrect cards in the same session, and 2. a user can study past the point where they have seen all the cards that are due, they can keep studying farther into the queue to see card that will be due in the future. There’s no point at which the cards stop appearing in continuous mode.

Check out Continuous Review - Skritter for more details!