Skritter db dump

Hi there, do you have a download link to the Skritter database which is extended from CE-Dict which is CC licensed.

Cheers, TiM

Here’s a link to download the CC-CEDICT database:

Skritter’s definitions are largely created by us or users, there’s unfortunately no download for the Skritter dictionary database.

Hi Jeremy,

AFAIK Skritter utilizes CC-CEDICT, which is CC Licensed.
The CC License ( states

“ShareAlike — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.”

Therefore you are obligated to provide your database. A one off dump is fine.

Cheers, TiM

I’m not associated with Skritter, but I just wanted to point out that you are misinterpreting the license slightly. The Share-Alike license simply means that you cannot sublicense your creations. I couldn’t download the CC-CEDICT, make changes to it, and then distribute under a different license.

It does not mean that you are forced to distribute it. You can use something that is Share-Alike licensed in a proprietary project and not redistribute it. If Skritter wanted to offer a database dump, they would be forced to use the same license, but then you could take the dumb, do whatever you want with it, and nobody can force you to distribute your modifications.

As the top of the page you linked says, that page is no substitute for the actual license. If you read the actually license, nowhere does it stipulate that you must distribute your contributions. It doesn’t even include the line that you quoted; instead, the language talks about how you may not sublicense your contributions.

If you visit the Creative Commons license chooser, you’ll notice that an alternative to a “ShareAlike” license is a “NoDerivatives” license. This means that you can take someone’s work, use it in your projects, and distribute it yourself, but you must distribute the original version, not the changes you have made to it. Of course, nobody would actually be forcing you to redistribute it at all.

Edit: Just an aside, out of curiosity as a linguist, are you a native speaker of English? There are two possible ways to interpret the sentence that you quoted, and you are structuring the phrases in a way that speakers of, for example, Romance languages would, rather than English speakers.

Hey @hampsterx, It’s a bit more complicated than that in terms of both just creating a data dump and the license. We have however already made our vocab data publicly available through our API. Specifically you’d need the vocabs endpoint:

Like @Jeremy mentioned, a large portion of our definitions are created by us or our users. In many cases our database has entries that aren’t part of or based on the cc-cedict project. So it’s not quite as simple as just creating a file with all the data.