Skritter family discount?

Both me and my daughter use Skritter for practicing Chinese and now my youngest daughter is getting old enough to read so I am pondering setting up an account for her as well.

But having three accounts is pretty expensive. I have read previously that one can get family discounts by asking on the forums, but most other services I consume has a family account (Apple, Google, Netflix, Spotify, etc etc).
So is it still possible to get a family discount on skritter and if so why does skritter not have an official family account pricing model to make it easier to consume?

// Michael Medin

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Hi Michael, I’ve sent you a DM!

I have exactly the same situation. My daughter decided to move to Taiwan because we were having more fun than her, so now she also needs to learn chinese. So I need the family discount too.

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Shoot an email to and @Jeremy will take care of ya!