Skritter in Flight Mode

Is there a way of funning Skritter in what I would term Flight Mode.

For those locations where the Internet is not available or when you are not allowed to use the Internet.

Thank you.


Ken Doyle

Hi Ken,

I just replied to your email (which I coincidentally sent about the same time as you made this post)! You can check out the email for the details, but in a nutshell you can use the app offline to review your words, but you would need an active internet connection in order to add new words you haven’t studied once before yet.

Is this true of both iOS and Android versions? I assume that the HTML5 version won’t work, even if the page has been pre-loaded when there is an internet connection, is that correct?

That’s true of both the iOS and Android apps, correct! We’ve talked of ways of making it possible on the HTML5 version, however currently offline study isn’t implemented.