Skritter iOS Beta Traditional Chinese Bugs

Hello I’d like to report two fairly longstanding (but not major) bugs with the iOS Skritter app in Beta.

1.) My account is set to traditional chinese, however occasionally when reviewing words for I believe tone/definition, I get shown the simplified version of the character/word. This seems to only happen for single character words.

2.) My account is set to use zhuyin instead of pinyin. But in the info screen of words and the swipe left example sentence mini screen, sentences are shown in pinyin.

Any future fixes would be greatly appreciated! Thank you to the team for all their hard work.

Would you be able to confirm which version of Skritter you have installed? If you don’t mind, we’d appreciate if you could shoot us an email at as it’s easier to track in our support system.

Hi Jeremy,

I was using version 300400 from TestFlight and am now currently using 300403 (still has the issues mentioned).

I’ll go ahead and email the report as well, thanks!

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i also seem to be experiencing this issue. I do learn both simplified and traditional, but for all characters where traditional character map 1 to 2 to simplified, i never see the traditional variant when prompted tone/definition/pinyin

If it helps to know, I am not having this problem, but I study both simplified and traditional.

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