Skritter is finally integrated with Beeminder!

After a long wait (as explained in the blog post linked above) its finally here. I’ve had good success with using Beeminder to motivate my Skritter use prior to integration, and this will just make it easier. I highly recommend giving it a try.


…and now we have a blog post about it, too: Staying on track with Beeminder. Enjoy!

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Hooray! So glad this is finally up and running :slight_smile:

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We are too! I’m actually pretty excited to try it out once @josh provides me with a pretty study page to study on :wink:

Is it possible to fetch older data from Skritter? At the moment I only have data point from yesterday (I created the Goal yesterday on Beeminder). Seems like a nice feature.

@Tobata I’m guessing that the API call Beeminder is using isn’t going to fetch older data. Since you’re essentially starting a new goal from scratch on their site I don’t think fetching older data would help much. There team would probably be able to answer that question in more detail.

Could it be tied to chars learned instead of time spent? (asked on their site)

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Looking forward to hearing what they have to say!