Skritter Mobile Beta 3.2 Updates (Current Version: 3.2.2 300252)

If it helps, my current Android phone specs are as follow:

  • LG “LG6” (LGM-G600L)
  • Android 8.0.0
  • Kernel version 3.18.71

With the previous beta build, before the sound bug, I didn’t seem to face some of the problems that others have mentioned in the thread, just a regular crash afer 20-30min of having started the app. Annoying, yes, but could go back to study in 30s.

Hope it’s fixable.

The sound volumes are unfortunately totally messed up. Even though I turned the volume up to the maximum, the Skritter volume output even gets worse. Can you replicate this? Using the newest iOS version and talking about the Chinese app.

PS. However I guess it is not worth the time anymore to fix that particular bug with an additional beta (even though that negatively impacts the learning experience). Probably it’s better to focus completely on version 3.1 now, as your fixing up of the current Japanese beta should (almost) be completed? Anyway hope to see 3.1 somewhat soon…

PPS. I have to completely change my opinion. After using the app a bit more intensely, it will crash for me several times and pretty randomly. This in turn means, another beta has to come as quickly as possible. I didn’t have this problem with the previous beta, so something must have gone wrong with the current beta. PLEASE check this ASAP and leave a short comment on this.

Chinese beta/iOS

Thanks for the heads up Farham! We’re looking into this however in the meantime you can roll back to the previous version of the beta.

  1. Open TestFlight
  2. Tap on the Skritter beta
  3. Tap on “Previous builds”
  4. Tap the previous version of the beta to install

Thanks Jeremy. I did not now about that. Worked for me, but that particular beta comes with the problems which @Ferran mentioned before. Anyway better than having the volume and crashing issues. Nevertheless, please check the newest Beta, as the previous beta did not have those above mentioned problems.

PS. could you guys give us a short overview about your current achievements in terms of the Japanese app? Hope it will be finished soon, so you can head into the Chinese version which I am desperately waiting for

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I think that there’s two ways of fixing the sound bug, at least on Android as it seems TestFlight let’s you pick which beta version to install:

  • Roll back to 2 versions ago where everything was working normally, as I believe the other issues, while bothersome, were not as frustrating as this sound bug.

  • Make that particular beta build available as a downloadable .apk straight from your server. I don’t understand why you guys are currently not offering this option, considering you have already done that before.

Hope you could look into this, @josh @SkritterJake

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Another bug in the Chinese iOS beta: whenever you want to add a definition while studying in review mode, after saving the added definition, the whole app somehow is shifted towards top, so you cannot see the characters anymore and you are forced to close and open the app again. In addition, it does not save your added definition, so this whole function gets useless. Maybe you can also have a look at this.

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Yes! This is also a new bug that hits me often. I’d love to see this fixed so I don’t have to restart the app when it happens.

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Thanks for the heads up everyone! We’re looking into this, something obviously changed since it wasn’t a problem in the previous builds. We should be able to get an .apk up on as well.

We’re making great progress on the Japanese app-- some things need to be ironed out and tested more, however we are much closer to tailoring it for Chinese as well. Sorry for the wait!

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Hope we can get the file up there soon!

Been looking forward to enjoying (much more) my study sessions for over a month now :rofl:

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Before you guys will head into Christmas holidays I wanted to ask whether we can expect any Chinese beta still this year? As I assume you will (understandably) not be available till the end of this year I can probably answer the question by my own, but still I want to leave some room for hope.

Regardless, is there a more specific time frame which you could share with us? I appreciate your efforts and I am really well aware that you are constantly getting “much closer” to work on the Chinese app, however this is still a rather fuzzy description for us. 3 weeks ago, Jake told us the wait should be rather be considered in days or weeks rather than months. In addition, I can really well remember the conversations here back in summer, when you were also emphasising that the new Chinese beta “should come soon”. However, months have passed since then (I know about the Japanese app problems).

By the end of January/beginning of February I will have my Chinese exams at university, that is why I need to use Skritter very extensively by the mid of next month. Reasonably, I am more and more getting nervous about the current situation. I rely on the app, as the mobile web version is not an adequate alternative to me. But unfortunately the current betas are still full of bugs etc. (just look the above mentioned problems).

So in summary, the situation has been a mess for almost half a year now and we still do not know when we can expect the next (reliable) beta. At the beginning I was fairly relaxed about the situation, but as my exams are getting closer, I am getting more concerned. The only thing I understood is that you will work intensively on the Chinese app, once the Japanese version is done. The “full, complete” Japanese version (which @Murkt was asking for) has not been released yet and I do not expect that to happen this year. But the question still remains: even if you release the final Japanese app in the first week of January, how long would it approximately take to get an equivalent Chinese version? Is January still realistic? Should we expect it in February or even later? A rough estimation would be really helpful here. For sure I know it is always difficult to predict things, but this way we can at least prepare ourselves and think about more reliable alternatives to circumvent the situation.

Once again, please do not regard this as blaming or hating or anything in that sense. These are just my honest feelings about the whole process and my only wish is a bit more transparency paired with concrete statements. Nevertheless, I am still believing in this whole concept and I will maintain my loyalty. I am not intending to threat with a possible cancellation of my subscription or anything that way. Quite contrary, I just renewed my subscription a week ago. So do not worry about that.

My post got way longer than I actually was intending, but that’s what happens if you really care about something.

I am looking forward to your comments, may it be today or next year!

Thank you and enjoy your holidays!


It looks like we didn’t catch this before heading into our holiday break, sorry! We’re feeling really good about the progress made on the Japanese app and plan to port over to the Chinese version in February. I realize this doesn’t help with your exams in the beginning of February, though.

Have the original versions been working for you? You can still use the legacy site at:, or the original Android / iOS app which you should hopefully not be running into issues on. That way you can be fully prepared for your exam without having to rely on the beta versions. :smiley:

We won’t, however we feel where you’re coming from and it would be completely understandable. We’re positive though that you’ll be very happy with the app once it is finally available. February is our goal!

You too! I hope you’ve had a good holiday break! :smile:


Thank you very much for the answer. At least February is a rough prediction I can deal with.

The legacy version does not work so well for the iPhone X model, as it did with my previous 8 Plus model. For instance I cannot go back to a previous vocabulary once I finished one.

The only big problem with the Beta .20 is still the one regarding the wrong tones (see post of @rpetersn ). That bug is indeed severe for an account with several hundreds or even thousands of words. So I honestly learned lots of wrong pronounciations so far. For sure, by reading the pinyin I can easily see the correct pronunciation, however by simply hearing the wrong pronunciation so many times, your brain will unintentionally remember what it is hearing. Sounds trivial, but it is indeed true and very dangerous with respect to my exams. Regardless, my point in here is: we definitely need a new beta, at least solely fixing this bug. Anything else can be left unchanged for now. The beta .20 will expire in a few days, so we will need a new one here. Unfortunately, till now I don’t know exactly what specific bug @josh was fixing back then. But what I can say for sure is, that the „wrong tone bug“ which I thought Josh was fixing with beta .22 is still present.

That brings me to my next point. The current beta .22 is definitely NOT USABLE AT ALL. Please see my post above for this. The beta is constantly crashing and you got an annoying sound volume bug. So the solution can only be a new beta here, ideally before the previous beta .20 expires.

Sorry again for the inconvenience I might create by my messages. I just hope we can continue giving constant feedback on each other to get through this rather tough situation. I am looking forward to your comments and thoughts on this.

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New little bug to squash :beetle: neither the Chinese nor Japanese android beta will add new words anymore. To load the new words, I have to log out and then log in again.

Regarding the “wrong tones issue” in Chinese. I’m only using the prompts for writing and tones. After writing the character of a word, the app will pronounce said character. But instead of using the actual reading of the word in this case, it will fall back on the most common pronunciation. 了= le instead of liǎo.
Because of this bug, I’m currently reviewing/learning words with sound turned off

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Yes, actually „wrong tones“ does also include complete wrong pronunciation like you mentioned. I.e. 都市 (dou shi, instead of du shi)

Nevertheless, the constant crashing and the sound volume bug comes even on top, at least for the current iOS beta.

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Just a kind reminder that the iOS beta .20 will expire in 7 days.

@Farham They already pushed .22 a while ago via TestFlight, which is still valid for two more months.

Yes that is true, however the beta .22 is not functioning well for me. Just look my posts above for this. It is constantly crashing.

I also tried the legacy app again, but that one is also not working at all. I cannot use the app because it will always restart loading my data after I logged in. I simply cannot do anything in the app, as it only shows the synching process which is not stopping. Maybe that’s due to my relatively large account size? I don’t know to be honest.

@Farham We retransferred your study data, would you be able to give the legacy app another go?

Also, what sort of issues are you running into on the .22 build?

Concerning the .22 build just look at my posts 28 days and 14 days ago. The fact that you are asking me which issues I am running into on the .22 build is surprising me.

"The sound volumes are unfortunately totally messed up. Even though I turned the volume up to the maximum, the Skritter volume output even gets worse. Can you replicate this? Using the newest iOS version and talking about the Chinese app.

… After using the app a bit more intensely, it will crash for me several times and pretty randomly. This in turn means, another beta has to come as quickly as possible. I didn’t have this problem with the previous beta, so something must have gone wrong with the current beta. PLEASE check this ASAP and leave a short comment on this.

Chinese beta/iOS"

The bad thing about the crashes is, that it does not save my study progress which I made before the crash.

I first mentioned this problem 28 days ago, then repeated that 14 days ago. I clearly did that with the intention to avoid a situation like this right now, where I have to fear to loose beta .20 in 6 days with no reliable beta.

Either, you were working on these bug fixes in the background and will surprise us with a new beta, or you simply have ignored the feedback here for 28 days. At least you could have tried to check whether you can replicate these bugs. I do not want to rule out, that it is only me who is affected. However, it would be rather strange that I constantly face the same issues, even though I deleted and reinstalled the betas/apps so many times.

Regardless, I tried the legacy app again, now it finishes the syncing process. Hope it stays somewhat reliable. Nevertheless, I wish to see a new beta very soon to switch back.

This will happen! :smiley:

I didn’t mean to imply not knowing about running into issues on the .22 build, but rather a confirmation of what current issues you’re running into-- is crashing and the volume output the only things you’ve noticed? The next update is significantly different than the previous builds and this shouldn’t be an issue. Sorry it’s been taking so long to get pushed out!

In the meantime I’m glad to hear the legacy app is synced up again.